2018 Year End Points * final


Small Fry  

Novice Youth  


Novice Amateur 



Please note if a name was deleted it was because that person did not show to 8 of the TSQHA judges or they did not have at least 20 points in a particular class as stated in the rules.

Please look over the sheets and if there is a question please email Gail Meister
gmeister49@gmail.com beginning October 29th. If there are no questions by Thanksgiving they will stand with no corrections there after.


To qualify for year end points you must show to 8 TSQHA judges and must have at least 20 points to be included. Only the top 5 are included for year end points.  PQHA and WPQHA points count only if the exhibitor shows to 8 of TSQHA Judges at TSQHA Shows.

TSQHA Membership/Year End Points Application
Year End Point Nomination Rules

For information and questions on points please contact:
Gail Meister



*Please note all point totals are in pdf format that requires Adobe Reader to open.

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